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Your Thoughts Control Your “Online” Success

Hypno GuyQuestion: I like what you guys are all about and what you offer but do you think that it’s going to work? How do I know that it will?

Answer: When it comes to Internet Marketing, I have learned just like everyone else has.. Through trial and error. I have spent many a dollar and I have joined program after program but.. I learned something new with every program as… that is just part of the the process..

Our system was designed to ease the pain and frustration of Online Marketing. We teach and train the basics of Social Media and Web 2.0. Instead of selling you a Business in a Box we give you a Business Mindset. After all if you change your mind, everything just magically tends to change. Call it the Law Of Attraction , a Higher Power, or whatever you want to call it. The end result is that it is all connected, and Success must first be seen in your THOUGHTS before you can achieve your dreams.

No one buys a television set because they exclusively LOVE the show “Monk” on The USA Network.. They buy it because they have a vision. A vision of seeing all kinds of movies, shows, etc.. and to see their local and national news, from the perspective of the diverse members of the news community around the word. They then form their own opinions based on what they saw.

People interpret and judge things based on their perception of how they see the world. It is so very important to look beyond the negative channels and see things from a positive point of view. My example above about the news networks illustrates what I mean. If one watches a certain network he will take on the opinions, and mindset of that network.

And so it is with your THOUGHTS and OPINIONS about Online Business.

It is human nature to use that same attitude when joining a new program on the Internet.

I have said this over and over again and I use it, not only in business, but I adapt this principle to everyday life situations as well. DO just the opposite of what the crowd does and your reward will be things that the crowd, could never even imagine, (not in a million years) let alone have the vision, or correct personal development tools, to ever accept.

That is why it is so important to tune our mind to another channel once in a while, and then eventually you will always be tuned to the right station :) It does not happen overnight as we are creatures of habit. A new line of thought has to be formed and molded.. kinda like a clay model… before it comes an actual thing. :)

Here is one thing that most people NEVER FULLY understand. And that is that Internet Marketing is constantly evolving and with that constant change, come new tools, and new technology. Our leaders are at the forefront of that trend and teach you how to use these tools successfully. Like I always say.. TECHNOLOGY IS YOUR FRIEND. Use it in the right format, and you will win every single time.

WE crazy humans,  tend to sabotage ourselves from time to time, by thinking in the negative realm whenever we hear negative stories from people who have attempted Working From Home with no success. The truth is that they were probably not trained correctly, or as is often the case,  did NOT take action.

That is why we must always be positive and look at all of the variables by asking the right questions.

Here are a few questions I asked myself one day.

  • “Did I do all that I possibly could, to be successful, when I joined my first online program?
  • “Was my initial failure a direct result of NOT taking action”?
  • “Was it my sponsors fault”?
  • “Was the System another false promise”?

I knew the answers to those questions. I HATED the answers… BUT I CERTAINLY KNEW THE ANSWERS… :)

And that is why I decided to look beyond the program… to look at the bigger picture… to take a look hard look at myself and (no surprise there) everything changed. I also though about the simple advice my mentor Joseph Schroeder once gave me “You Don’t Have To Get It Right, You Just Have To Get It Going”.. Yep, I was so busy setting up that I never truly did any marketing. Sound Familiar?

I reevaluated my thoughts and my feelings about the industry and I contacted someone in the business that I knew was successful. I then aligned myself with the right people and I started thinking the opposite of the crowd, and and the rest, my friend, is history.

One of the keys to Online success is how well we use the filtering system within the mental channels of our minds. Lets face it. It is almost impossible to think good thoughts all the time and that is why it is so very important to use our filtering system correctly. If you must read that sentence again. Do So! Think about it.

Everyone who has conquered Online success has one huge thing in common. They once upon a time had the desire and the passion to succeed, and they chose to rise above the mindset of the crowd.

They filtered out the negative and embraced the positive.

Anyone who second guesses their participation in Internet Business needs to know that every risk… (and yes it is a risk… No BULL…) taken Online is worth it, because as every successful business owner, both Online and Offline will tell you… Risk always comes before SUCCESS.

I thank you for reading my rant…. Now get to work :)

Add your thoughts or comments below or Contact Me if you need anything.

Cheers :)