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Word Press LogoNeed a Self-Hosted WordPress Website/Blog? Look No Further.

What does it include?

You will notice that I am referring to a website as a blog in this commentary: Blog/Website = 1 and the same

  • Your Own URL >
  • The ability to brand yourself with your own e-mail address using the Powerful G-Mail interface.. Yep, its true.. now you can have an e-mail address like jerry[@] using GMail (each additional e-mail account is only $7)
  • Chat with other users right inside G-Mail and oh this APP includes so much more.. :) plus you can check your e-mail from any Mobile Device or Cell Phone that has an Internet Browser.
  • Tons of features and enhanced search engine submission which will give you GREAT search engine rankings using the powerful line of WordPress Plugins.
  • The ability to change your entire website/blog theme using the thousands of FREE WordPress Themes available today.
  • I could go on and on but I will make number 5 simply this. If you go with a self-hosted WordPress Blog you will be 100% ahead of 95% of online bloggers or website owners.. I do all the Blog setup for you … all you have to do is write your posts …

This Video will show give you an overview of the Gmail E-Mail System (included in your Hosting Plan)

To get this process started, you will have to purchase your own Hosting Package through my Partner BlueHost. Then simply send me your BlueHost Domain Login information. BlueHost also includes a FREE DOMAIN NAME with every New Hosting Package. I do recommend taking advantage of this offer, but you can use an existing domain name as well. Instructions are at the BlueHost sign up page.

I recommend the 1-Year or 2-Year hosting plan .. The 1-Year hosting plan is only $6.95 per month and the 2-Year Hosting plan is only $5.95 per month. Plus you will have the ability to add UNLIMITED domains and Website/Blogs to your Hosting Account. This is such an amazing value. They do not get any better that BlueHost

After you purchase your initial Hosting Package, you can contact me and I will set up your Blog and your custom E-Mail account. My service for setup ONLY. After the initial setup, you are responsible for adding content, adding links, etc..

I will send you, your login info, for both your E-Mail and your Blog… after I have completed the integration. Please allow up to 72-Hours to get your E-Mail and blog LIVE and in action.

BONUS: You get unlimited 5 Day Support (please be aware that I have several clients, so to be fair to everyone, I respond to all requests in the order they are received). After the 5 day free support, my tech support fee is $50 per hour.

Very Important Note: The Following Price Is Based On Setup Only. You will have to create your own Blog/Website,

Order Your Website/Blog and E-Mail System – $165.

(Please get your Hosting set up first and then send me your login info through my SECURE Online Contact Form.)

  • Gail

    The ribbon thing made me tearful and the music was good. Keep it up–you are a fresh breath on the net….

  • Jerry Wipf

    Thanks for the consultation.

    Glad we got everything figured out. And I thank you in advance for your business.

    Stay Awesome

  • Phil Sebastian

    Hey Jerry

    I will get with you in 2-3 weeks.

    Is there a way to do the minimum so I can do cards and documents going to capture and payment or just wait til I get the dough together and do all at once.

    I want to work with you on ALL tech stuff.

    Strength and Honor

  • Dana

    Working with you has been an absolute pleasure, I really appreciate you taking my calls on Sunday Night. I know I must have been driving you crazy, but you are so patient.

    I am so excited that I now have my own domain as a GMail account, and to think that I would have never known about this had I not stumbled upon your Blog.

    Thanks Again Jerry