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Why Do I Need My Own Domain Name?

Why Do I Need My Own Domain Name and/or Custom E-Mail Address?

Your Own Domain Name Attached to a WordPress Blog gives you many many options and features, courtesy of the WordPress Plugin Developing Community plus it makes you look very professional, as you are branding yourself and not the big companies like AOL and YAHOO..

Example… When someone contacts you..via e-mail, instead of using an e-mail like johnsmith1989@[aol].com you will have John[@] and that makes you look like a superstar as your website instantly brands itself… You see the savvy Internet person is very likely to go visit… WHY? Because they saw your e-mail address.. <smiles>

Personally, I am just not a big fan of big media like AOL and Yahoo who depend on… and use their customers to build their brand.. Yes, they offer an awesome FREE service but that is why they are able to offer that free service. It’s an oxymoron, in a way… right?… They have made billions off of their unsuspecting customers.

So how are you helping them build their brand?

Every time you send an e-mail from AOL and YAHOO you are helping them grow their brand because your prospects see the e-mail or … NOT TO MENTION… the corky ads that appear at the bottom of every e-mail.. <sighs>

If I am Marketing something, I really do not like, my message taken away by a YAHOO or AOL ad at the bottom of my e-mail…

Most people never think that far… they don’t even realize this is happening.. But this is what branding is all about..


The same goes for Blogger and WordPress hosted blogs… (Hosted at WordPress and Blogger themselves)



Your Own Domain Sets you apart from everyone else and to reiterate.. It makes you look like a true Professional..

So how do we turn the tables on these Corporate Giants?

It is actually very simple and kinda KEWL in a way, because we can now use the GIANTS themselves to help us brand ourselves.

Who are these Giants I am referring to?
Answer: WordPress and GMAIL..

WordPress gives the website owner the option of hosting their own domain but still USE their POWERFUL blogging platform.. and the same goes for Google. Through GOOGLE APPS, it is now possible to host your e-mail through Google’s GMail.. and the kicker?… It is an exact replica of the mighty and powerful G-MAIL system.. But instead of JohnSmith[@] you can now have John[@]

Also please note that with your own domain you can actually get the e-mail you have always wanted… no more JohnSmith2675303[@] etc… The options are wide open.

So to sum things up. Big Brother is actually helping Little Brother succeed.

How amazing is that? :)

Very Simple Stuff and Definitely something to think about..

Cheers and Happy Branding

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