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Why Do I Need A Blog On My Own Domain?

Someone Asked:

Why do I need a blog on my own domain when I can get a free blog?

A free blog is fine if you are just a personal blogger, or if you are not into branding yourself..

But here are a few reasons why you need your own Blog on your own domain..

1. The blog becomes your property, your brand. It tells the world who you are. Non-one can ever take it away from you.

2. If you want a blog for business or money-making purposes you can’t do this on a free blog. You can’t place Adsense ads on a free blog and you can’t have income generating banners or affiliate links. If you break the rules, WordPress can simply close your account and delete your blog.

3. A self-hosted WordPress blog is much more powerful and flexible. You can make use of a wider range of themes, widgets and plugins. You have ultimate control over the look and feel of your blog. You can tweak and personalize the theme to make it look and behave how you want.

4. A blog on your own domain can replace a website. The advantages of have a blog rather than a website are that it is much easier and cheaper to maintain; you can manage it yourself without having to employ a webmaster; you can interact easily with your visitors, etc.

5. You can set up email on your own domain.

There are plenty more reasons but you get the drift..

Get your custom blog and e-mail system today..

Be Safe

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